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Keep your plans, ideas and thoughts in a single place with the help of this lighweight quick notes tool. No chance to forget an important brainchild, no telephone numbers written down on scraps anymore. And for those concerned about the privacy of their data there is a PRO version with password protection feature in place.

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Proper money management is a cornerstone of modern life. Credits, loans, dozens of credit cards. It's not easy to win this battle if you are not a master of your money. FineAnces will help you to track all your money transactions, loans and debts.

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Skix™ is a light and easy-to-use tool which... breaks pictures in pieces! It is a good solution for those who wish to save their photos from stealing from Web. Skix breaks the picture to small chunks, so 'Save Picture As...' button cannot be used to save the whole picture anymore.

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